Monday, June 30, 2014

Discussion: When do you write reviews?

Since I lost the review I was going to post today, and don't feel like rewriting, I decided to talk about reviews instead. I've seen so many people say they are behind in their reviewing, and I'm wondering how many of you experience this?

The thing that shocks me about that statement is this: I write reviews as soon as I finish the book. Very rarely do I remember enough details if I wait more than a day afterwards, so I don't try waiting it out. I would have to reread books if I did that!

I guess some have better memories than me. That's probably all there is to it. I don't even allow myself to read another book until I've reviewed my last one.

When do you write reviews? Do you wait awhile, or scribble your thoughts down right away?


  1. I'm like you and blog directly after finishing the book or at least before I start a new one. Sometimes I am even jotting down things I want to say in my review before I'm even done the book.

  2. I've tried taking notes as well. In the end what works best for me is just updating my status on goodreads. It's enough to remember how I felt at different points in the book.