Friday, August 29, 2014

September Plans

As I'm sure you guys know, I recently moved my blog here from Wordpress. The end of August proved busy as I made that transition, but it's nothing compared to what I'm planning for the future.

I didn't move my blog without reason. I simply felt Blogger was a better platform when it came to expanding Kittens and Books and letting it reach its full potential. That said, I have so many plans for September. Here are a few things you can expect:

An appealing, easy-to-navigate layout. 

This may take more time than one month, but it's definitely a priority. While I don't plan for this to be nearly finished by the end of September, you can expect small improvements throughout the month - new banners, social media buttons (I'm working on these currently), and things of that sort.

New posts.

If I'm honest, I'm bored with some of my weekly posts. In September, I'm discontinuing WWW Wednesday and Friday Finds posts on this blog. If I'm bored writing them, I can only think that my readers will be bored with them as well.
Instead, I am going to stop being so strict about my posting times. I am not going to do so many weekly book memes, because they're beginning to feel limiting. Instead, I'm going to do a mixture of posts, although I will keep Top Ten Tuesdays and stick to my twice a week book reviews.

I will be bringing in some recommendation posts as well. This will be very similar to the Tuesday Tropes post I tried out, where I take different tropes or characteristics and recommend books based on that. These will be a mixture of books I have and have not read, in order to expand the number of books I can recommend.

I will also continue Travel With Pepper posts. These posts feature different parts of the world (cities, countries, continents, etc.) and books that are set in that place. It's a way to show off some books that might not usually get attention, and I'm hoping it will broaden my reading as well.

Lots of experimenting.

I do ask that you guys stick with me here. I'm really trying to find out where I want this blog to go - I don't want to feel like 'just another book blog.' If I'm going to keep blogging, it needs to be a unique space.
My two main goals are for myself to enjoy blogging, and for my readers to enjoy my posts. It's all I really want from Kittens and Books, and I don't think we're quite there yet.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Book Review: This is Falling by Ginger Scott

Quick Facts

My Rating: 4 stars

Series: Book 1 in a series of companion novels

Date Read: August 13, 2014

Source: Review copy from Netgalley

Publication Date: August 29, 2014

Publisher: Self-published

Genres: New adult, romance

Summary (taken from Goodreads): First, I had to remember how to breathe. Then, I had to learn how to survive. Two years, three months and sixteen days had passed since I was the Rowe Stanton from before, since tragedy stole my youth and my heart went along with it.

When I left for college, I put a thousand miles between my future and my past. I’d made a choice—I was going to cross back to the other side, to live with the living. I just didn’t know how.
And then I met Nate Preeter.

An All-American baseball player, Nate wasn’t supposed to notice a ghost-of-a-girl like me. But he did. He shouldn’t want to know my name. But he did. And when he learned my secret and saw the scars it left behind, he was supposed to run. But he didn’t.

My heart was dead, and I was never supposed to belong to anyone. But Nate Preeter had me feeling, and he made me want to be his. He showed me everything I was missing.

And then he showed me how to fall.

I began this book very shortly after reading Ginger Scott's other novel, How We Deal With Gravity. I loved it, unexpectedly, and I was afraid this one wouldn't meet my expectations.

I was wrong. The first few pages were a bit rough for me, but the rest was great. I was hooked and ended up reading most of it at once. I liked the writing style, and I loved these characters.

Rowe was so brave, and so easy to sympathize with. She clearly went through a lot before getting to the beginning of this book, the time when she finally decided to move on. And Nate was sweet and understanding. He knew not to push her too far and really proved himself and his love for Rowe throughout the story. I also adored the way they joked around with each other.

It does seem like it should be said that the plot was predictable. The storyline itself isn't anything amazing, but that isn't the point of this book. It's a quick read with lovable characters and great romance - and I think it does a fantastic job at that.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Goodbye Summer Readathon TBR

I'm going to be taking place in the Goodbye Summer Readathon! It's hosted by Bookmark Lit and is all about reading those books that you planned to read this summer, but never got around to. I think this is such a great idea, especially because I have so many books I need to get read these next few weeks.

Here are the books I plan to read between now and September 15th:

I might stray from these books or pick up other books as well, but these are some that I really want to get to soon. I began Dream On yesterday, but since I've only read 20 pages or so I'm still counting it for the readathon. I'll just subtract what I've already read from my total page count.

I'm not planning on posting updates here, although you can follow my reading on my Goodreads page and by following me on Twitter.

If any of you are participating, leave links to any posts below and I'll check them out! If you're not, go ahead and tell me what you're reading this next couple weeks anyway. And have you read any of the books on my TBR? Let me know what you thought out them.

WWW Wednesday

What are you currently reading?

Dream On by M. Kircher

I really love the plot idea behind this, and I was super excited to read it. Now that I've read the first few chapters I'm not quite so excited, but we'll see how it goes. Maybe it'll be better once I get into it.

What did you recently finish reading?

Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson

This one was so great. I had really great luck with books for awhile, which was really cool. I went through so many amazing reads and this one didn't disappoint in the slightest.

What do you think you'll read next?

Once Upon an Ever After by Angela N. Blount

I'm not positive that this will be my next read, but I am reading it soon! This is a review copy that doesn't come out until November, but my review will be up on September 18th.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday Tropes: Road Trips

Tuesday Tropes is a weekly series on the blog where I talk about books that fit a certain characteristic or trope. It can involve plot, characters, anything.

This week the theme is books that contain road trips!

Amy and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

I feel like this is a pretty regularly recommended road trip book, but it's for good reason! If you like road trip books and haven't read this one, I highly recommend it. (And Morgan Matson's other work, even though they're not all about road trips. I just love her writing.)

If you haven't heard of this one, it's about Amy, whose mother decided to move across the country. Amy is still struggling with her father's death via car accident and refuses to drive, so her mother asks a family friend, Roger, to go with her. What starts off as annoyance at driving around with this boy she barely knows, ends as an amazing journey in both distance and emotions.

Two-Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt

When Jordan and Courtney were together, they planned to go to the same college. Of course, they were going to ride together to orientation. And then they broke up. It's too late to change plans, so they're stuck together.

I remember this being such a quick, pleasant read. The writing style is easy to read and very conversational. 

Don't Stop Now by Julie Halpern

Lil's best friend Penny has faked her own kidnapping in order to get away from family problems and an abusive boyfriend. Tired of everyone's questioning and almost positive she knows where Penny went, Lil takes a trip to find her friend. With her she brings Josh, her friend.

Along with finding Penny, Lil needs to find out more about her and Josh's relationship. Are they meant to be together, or will it only ruin their friendship, as Josh believes?

The Disenchantments by Nina LaCour

After graduation, Colby and Bev were supposed to travel Europe with Bev's band. But when Bev ditches all plans for college, Colby is left to keep those plans on his own, while wondering the whole time about Bev and about his own future.

You Are Here by Jennifer E. Smith

When Emma finds out she had a twin brother who died two days after his birth, she finally has an explanation to why she never felt whole. She decides to take a trip to his grave along with her neighbor, Peter. 

Kiss the Morning Star by Elissa Janine Hoole

After her mother's death, Anna and her best friend Kat decide to go on a road trip across the USA. What started as a fun trip turns into more, into the girls discovering themselves and Anna coping with her past.

Top Ten Tuesday

Here is a link to the Top Ten Tuesday information from The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s theme is Top Ten Books I Really Want To Read But Don't Own Yet.

1. The Nature of Jade by Deb Caletti

I read an excerpt of the first couple chapters or so awhile ago now, but I still can't get this one out of my head! It's one that's always on my list, always on my mind, but for some reason I just haven't bought it yet.

2. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

I'm waiting for the next book to be released until I start this one, but I really, really want it! I've had my eye on the series for so long.

3. Faking Normal by Courtney C. Stevens

I added this to my TBR purely because I read so many great reviews. A lot of people seem to love this book and I'm nearly positive that I will too. But I haven't bought it yet - I need to finish my immediate TBR pile first.

4. A Blue So Normal by Holly Schindler

This has the same reasons as Faking Normal. Great reviews, no time to read yet!

5. Butter by Erin Jode Lounge

This one was recommended to me. I read the excerpt and then stopped, and keep putting off purchasing it.

6. Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard

I have wanted to read this for so long! It's exactly my type of book - I love road trip books - but for some reason another book always gets in the way when I go to buy this.

7. Angelfall by Susan Ee

This is another series I've wanted to start for awhile, but never found time for. Series are so tricky because of release dates and multiple books and things.

8. Virtuosity by Jessica Martinez

Ever since I read her other book, I've wanted to read this one. This is probably one I should have bought, because if I did I probably would have already read it.

9. The Fine Art of Truth or Dare by Melissa Jensen

I read the beginning of this awhile back and considered buying, but I wasn't in the mood for it back then. Ever since then I tend to forget it when I'm looking for a contemporary, but I really want it!

10. Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour

This is another one I probably would have read soon as I bought it, but I've been putting it off for exactly that reason. I'll buy it soon as I know that I actually have time to read it.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Book Review: Random by Tom Leveen

My Rating: 3 stars

Series: N/A

Date Read: August 20, 2014

Source: Read free on Pulseit

Publication Date: August 12, 2014

Publisher: Simon Pulse

Genres: Young adult, contemporary

Summary (taken from Goodreads):  Who's the real victim here? This tense and gripping exploration of cyberbullying and teen suicide is perfect for fans of Before I Fall and Thirteen Reasons Why.

Late at night Tori receives a random phone call. It's a wrong number. But the caller seems to want to talk, so she stays on the line.

He asks for a single thing—one reason not to kill himself.

The request plunges her into confusion. Because if this random caller actually does what he plans, he'll be the second person connected to Tori to take his own life. And the first just might land her in jail. 
After her Facebook page became Exhibit A in a tragic national news story about cyberbullying, Tori can't help but suspect the caller is a fraud. But what if he’s not? Her words alone may hold the power of life or death.

With the clock ticking, Tori has little time to save a stranger—and maybe redeem herself—leading to a startling conclusion that changes everything…

I have to be honest - this book didn't do much for me. But I also don't think I'm the target here. This was geared more towards teaching a lesson than anything, and for certain people I think it will help. I'm just a little sad that this book didn't get past saying, "You shouldn't bully."

At the beginning, we meet Tori and she seems desperate and innocent. I was almost thinking that maybe she hadn't done anything. There could have been false accusations of some sort.

Then we learn what happened. We see the Facebook pages, the chats where she and so-called "friends" made fun of Kevin. People tell Tori again and again - sometimes subtly, sometimes straightforward - that she was wrong. She continuously denies it. Why? Because she "didn't kill him."
Because she was joking. Because people get picked on all the time and that makes it okay. Because Kevin should have been tougher.

I feel like she deliberately missed their points. And I understand that, because how hard would it be to know you caused a suicide? I even understand her anger towards Kevin, her putting blame on him. It felt like a natural reaction to me, and very realistic.

Really, I just expected more from this. More than, "Oh, hey, I'm lucky to be alive." More than endless apologies that didn't feel real. It's awful to me that Tori knew Kevin, but didn't seem sad for him. Only for herself. And until the end, it felt like that was all she cared about.

Overall, it was a quick read. I was hooked from the beginning, although the last 20% or so took a turn I wasn't expecting - and not in a really positive way. The twist was great, but afterwords it seemed to go downhill. There were so many questions left unanswered, and finding those answers were the main reason I was reading the book. It also didn't have the emotional aspect I was looking for - I didn't feel Tori's pain, or her guilt or sadness. It made her difficult to relate to.

I did like Noah and Tori's brother, though. The way they stuck by her was admirable and I did enjoy the loyalty shown throughout the story. I also think this carries a message that will stick with some readers. It just didn't feel genuine to me. It almost seemed like Tori saying sorry for the hundredth time and half meaning it was enough - although to be fair, I think she was supposed to actually feel sorry. It just happened too fast to feel realistic.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Travels with Pepper #1: South America

During Travels With Pepper, we visit books from different cities, countries, or continents. Most of the books mentioned won't be books I have read personally, but I believe it's a great way for everyone - readers and myself - to branch out from their comfort zones and promote more diverse reading.

This is only the first Travels with Pepper post, so if you have any suggestions or feedback, I'd be so glad to hear what you think.


The Indigo Notebook by Laura Resau

This one is about a girl named Zeeta whose mother packs them up and moves to a different country every year. Zeeta is desperate to settle down and live in one place, especially after she meets Wendell - a boy in search of his birth parents. As she helps him and her feelings grow, they find that Wendell's birth father is actually quite dangerous.

This book is set in Ecuador and is the first in a series. The other books change settings, though, and are no longer in South America.


The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson

This one is a dystopian set in future Brazil. The two main characters, June and Enki, are artists living in a place where new technology is limited. They create art, fuel a rebellion, and fall in love - all the while knowing that Enki is a Summer King. All Summer Kings are destined to die.

Also, as far as I can tell this is a standalone! That alone put it on my TBR. How many dystopian standalones have you heard of?


Journey of Dreams by Marge Pellegrino

This one is historical fiction set in Guatemala. It's about a family surviving in a time where soldiers patrol the streets, people go missing, and even children are being recruited as soldiers. When Tomasa's mother and brother go into hiding, and then their house is destroyed, she and the rest of their family set out to find them. It's a story of how the family sticks together through difficult times.

I will warn that I'm not sure how much of this book takes place in Guatemala. In the Goodreads summary, it is said that the family become refugees to the U.S.


Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson

This one is also historical fiction, set in the Amazon rainforest. Although Goodreads calls it young adult, I suspect this one is more middle grade by the cover and description.

Maia is an orphan who is sent to live with her distant relatives. She is super excited about her romanticized image of the rainforest and the adventure this move will bring. However, her cousins forbid her from exploring the area at all. Of course, she refuses to listen and goes out on an adventure that eventually leads to her going down the Amazon River to find a giant sloth.

I didn't want to just take a bunch of books from already established lists, although I did find a few of them while doing research. Sadly, there weren't many references for young adult literature in South America, but I did find this one from Epic Reads:

If you want non-YA reads, those are bit easier to find through Google or Goodreads. And if you know of any more young adult reads set in South America, I'd love to hear about them!

The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is a tag of sorts that spreads the word about different blogs. Here are the rules:

1. Link & Thank the blogger who nominated you
2. Answer the 11 questions your nominator gives you
3. Tag 11 other bloggers who have 200 or less followers
4. Ask the 11 bloggers you nominated 11 questions and let them know you nominated them!

I was nominated twice in the past week, actually - so instead of doing two posts, I'm going to fit it all into this one! Thank you to The Paperback Reader and For the Love of the Page for nominating me! They both have great blogs that I would definitely recommend checking out.

Here are my answers to The Paperback Reader's questions:

1. What is your favorite book series? The Awaken trilogy by Katie Kacvinsky. It's about a world in which technology has taken over and most people are afraid to even leave their homes. This series has had such an impact on me and the third book comes out very soon - September 2nd - although I had the great privilege of reading it early for review.

2. Why did you start blogging? I started blogging because I saw so many others with book blogs, and it seemed fun. It's also a great place for me to talk about books, which I love!

3. What is your favorite part of blogging? The community. It's one thing I didn't expect to enjoy so much coming into it, but I like being able to speak with others. Comments are my favorite.

4. Who is your favorite book character and why? This is such a tough one! The first character who came to my head was Mia from If I Stay, although that might be because of the movie and the fact that I'm dying to reread the book!

5. If you could live in the shoes of one book character who would it be? Book characters usually have such terrible things happen in their lives! After looking at some of my recent reads I'm thinking maybe Allyson from Just One Day. She doesn't have too tragic a back story, she travels, and she has Willem!

6. Where is your favorite place to read? I have a couple. I love sitting outside to read when the weather's nice, but I usually end up reading on my bed, with all the pillows tucked around the corner - it's a comfy little reading spot!

7. You have been told you have to sell all your books but one, which one would you keep? This is such a tough question! I'd have to choose either Awaken or If I Stay. I know I've already mentioned them both, but they're my favorites.

8. What book universe would you like to live in?
Harry Potter! (Although this feels a bit like cheating. I haven't finished the series.)

9.  Who are your top three favorite book blogs?
I don't tend to choose favorites. There are some great blogs, but I couldn't say for sure three that I'd consider the best.

10. What is your favorite book this year so far? Ghosting by Edith Pattou. It dealt with a difficult subject so nicely and it also changed my opinions on a few things - which is not easy. I'm pretty stubborn!

11. Do you have a preference hardcover,  paperback or e-reader? E-reader. It's the only way I read, although I do love physical books as well. I just like the simplicity.

Onto For the Love of the Page's questions:

1. If you could be any character from any book, who would you be? Answered this one above! Allyson from Just One Day.

2. What would be your number one book to movie conversion? If I'm honest, I don't tend to watch movies. But I think My Life Next Door would probably make a cute movie!

3. What's your favorite book cover at the moment? I love the cover for Suspicion by Alexandra Monir. It's gorgeous!

4. What was the last book you personally recommended to someone? Where She Went by Gayle Forman. It was to a blogger who wasn't sure about reading it after If I Stay.

5. If you could take any book character's personal style, who would it be? I'm not sure if this is talking about clothing-style? That's what I'm thinking, but I'm not positive on an answer. I'm so terrible at picturing things unless I can see them, so this isn't something I consider often when reading.

6. What book are you reading right now? I'm in the middle of both The Scorch Trials and Since You've Been Gone. Hoping to read a bit of Since You've Been Gone today.

7. If you could only read paperback or hardcovers for the rest of your life which would it be? Paperback. I like them and they're cheaper as well, so I'd get to buy more books!

8. What stand alone book do you think really deserves a sequel? I really wish Eleanor and Park had a sequel. That ending killed me!

9. Who/what/where is your main source for book recommendations? I usually find books on Goodreads, but other blogs are always a great source as well.

10. What is the last book you added to your Goodreads to-read list? Left Drowning by Jessica Park.

11. Have you ever or would you ever participate in a book club? I haven't (aside from Goodreads groups and occasionally reading the book of the month), but I would love to!

Here are the bloggers I nominate for the Liebster Award!
  1.  Under Review
  2. The Bookwhore Diaries
  3. A Book Lover's Ramblings
  4. The Book Life
  5. Space Between the Spines
  6. What Sarah's Reading
  7. Sabrina's Stories
  8. Not A Lost Wanderer
  9. My Fantabulous Bookshelf
  10. Kookie Krysp Reads
  11. It's a Book's World
My questions:
  1. What are your favorite and least favorite genres?
  2. Is there anything you want to see more of in books?
  3. Are there any books that everyone seemed to love, but you didn't?
  4. Do you tend to read more ebooks, or physical copies?
  5. What is the last book you read?
  6. If you could make everyone in the world read one book, which book would you choose?
  7. What book has had the biggest impact on you?
  8. What was your favorite book as a child?
  9. Have your genre preferences changed over time? How?
  10. Which book is so good that you could read it over and over again?
  11. Why do you blog about books?
 That's all! I hope you guys enjoyed this super long post, and now I'm off to notify the bloggers I nominated!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Finds

Friday Finds is a weekly event started by Should be Reading where you share the books you’ve found throughout the week. These don’t have to be purchases, just books that you added to your TBR.

I went a little crazy on Goodreads this week, so I'm definitely not going to list everything I've added to my TBR, but I will tell you what happened and how I got to adding so much!

Basically, I added another shelf. I called it 'long tbr' and it's my way of adding a million books to my list without feeling guilty for my long list (which happens, even though it's silly) or feeling overwhelmed by all the books. The shelf is going to be a place for all the books I might read, but don't see myself reading by the end of the year. Therefore, I was able to cut down my regular to-read shelf by A LOT.

Here is the link to my new shelf, and here are a couple random books that I've added recently:


Suspicion by Alexandra Monir

This cover is so pretty. The story itself reminds me of The Maze Runner (maze, secrets . . .), although I can definitely see the differences. It was just the first comparison I made when reading the plot. I'm excited to see what happens in this one. It's not released until December 9th, though, so it will be a wait!


On the Fence Kasie West

I have seen so many great reviews for this and it seems like a super quick read, but if I'm honest the cover throws me off. I really don't like it, but I've decided to give this one a try sometime. Let me know if you've read this and enjoyed it though - maybe it'll convince me to read it sooner.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Book Review: Still Point by Katie Kacvinsky

17393016My Rating: 5 stars 

Series: 3rd book in the Awaken trilogy

Date Read: August 18, 2014

Source: Review copy from Netgalley

Publication Date: September 2, 2014

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children's Book Group

Genres: Young adult, dystopian, romance

Summary (taken from Goodreads): In the final installment to the trilogy begun with Awaken, Maddie returns home to make her final stand against Digital School, and uncovers deeply guarded secrets about her family an new truths about herself.

It took me awhile to gather my thoughts on this book. This is, by far, one of the most difficult reviews I have written. This book brought endless ideas and questions to my mind. This series, as a whole, has had such an impact on me.

When I opened the book, the first thing that hit me was the writing. It's been so long since I read the second book, and I forgot how beautiful and thought-provoking the writing style is. The first page reminded me. It started off by comparing Maddie and those she cared about to the elements, herself being water. It was beautifully written and combined with the rest of the story perfectly.

Then there were the characters. It amazes me how unique, how human, how well thought out they all were. I loved watching the story unfold and seeing the changes in them, especially Maddie. She really found herself throughout the series, and especially in this book. There was a decision she made at the end that would usually bother me, and I saw it coming. I expected to disagree with her, but instead I saw her reasons. I agreed with them, and when the time came I was hoping for the same outcome as she was. I found myself behind Maddie one-hundred percent, cheering her on. She grew confident in herself and her decisions, and so was I.

Overall, there's no way for me to give this less than five stars. It's one of those special, rare books that deserve more than that, because it will stick with me - and I feel that I'm not the only one who will feel that way about this series. It says so much about technology, about the world, and about people.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WWW Wednesday

What are you currently reading?

Nothing! I am in the middle of Since You've Been Gone (still!) but won't be finishing until my TBR clears up some. I really love the book and want to take my time with it, no rush.

What did you recently finish reading?


Still Point by Katie Kacvinsky

This series means so much to me. After this book, I have named it my favorite series ever. Still Point is the last in the trilogy and it comes out September 2nd - which leaves plenty of time to catch up with the first two books, if you haven't! I highly recommend it. Here's a link to the first book, Awaken.

Also, if you need more convincing, my review for this will be up tomorrow. It's safe to read because I was sure to keep it spoiler free for the entire series.

What do you think you'll read next?

The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

I'm beginning a buddy read for this one tomorrow and I'm so excited! It was difficult not to read this early, but I really didn't have time. It's a good thing I was made to wait!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday

Here is a link to the Top Ten Tuesday information from The Broke and the Bookish.
This week’s theme is Top Ten Books People Have Been Telling You That You MUST Read.


1. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
So many people love this book; I feel like I'm the only one who hasn't read it yet! It's recommended everywhere and I need to read it soon, but every time I try something else gets in the way. There are just so many books!


2. Between Shades of Gray by Rita Sepetys
Again, I've heard so many good things. It doesn't seem super popular, however I really think I would enjoy it and there have been so many good reviews on this one.

3. Ask the Passengers by A.S. King
I've heard a lot of good things about A.S. King in general lately, but for this one I just decided to include the book of hers I plan to read first.


4. The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
This is another one that I feel like everyone else has already read. As soon as I finish up some of my current series, this one is on my list of series to start!


5. Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Another series I haven't been able to get into yet. I'm always behind on series because I'm so picky about when I read them. (I hate waiting for new releases!)


6. The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling)
I've heard great things, and I plan to get right on this - the moment I finish the Harry Potter series. I don't like reading two of an author's books/series at once because I tend to get confused.


7. Cinder by Marissa Meyer
Again, everyone recommends this. I love retellings, too. I'm very excited to get into it once I get my TBR pile down some.


8. Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard
I've been meaning to get to this one for so long! It seems amazing, so hopefully I can get to it sometime soon.


9. The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken
I really, really want to read this one. I don't know much about it, but I have heard so many great things.

10. Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour
This one's pretty new, but I've already heard a lot about it. Definitely seems like my type of book!