Friday, August 29, 2014

September Plans

As I'm sure you guys know, I recently moved my blog here from Wordpress. The end of August proved busy as I made that transition, but it's nothing compared to what I'm planning for the future.

I didn't move my blog without reason. I simply felt Blogger was a better platform when it came to expanding Kittens and Books and letting it reach its full potential. That said, I have so many plans for September. Here are a few things you can expect:

An appealing, easy-to-navigate layout. 

This may take more time than one month, but it's definitely a priority. While I don't plan for this to be nearly finished by the end of September, you can expect small improvements throughout the month - new banners, social media buttons (I'm working on these currently), and things of that sort.

New posts.

If I'm honest, I'm bored with some of my weekly posts. In September, I'm discontinuing WWW Wednesday and Friday Finds posts on this blog. If I'm bored writing them, I can only think that my readers will be bored with them as well.
Instead, I am going to stop being so strict about my posting times. I am not going to do so many weekly book memes, because they're beginning to feel limiting. Instead, I'm going to do a mixture of posts, although I will keep Top Ten Tuesdays and stick to my twice a week book reviews.

I will be bringing in some recommendation posts as well. This will be very similar to the Tuesday Tropes post I tried out, where I take different tropes or characteristics and recommend books based on that. These will be a mixture of books I have and have not read, in order to expand the number of books I can recommend.

I will also continue Travel With Pepper posts. These posts feature different parts of the world (cities, countries, continents, etc.) and books that are set in that place. It's a way to show off some books that might not usually get attention, and I'm hoping it will broaden my reading as well.

Lots of experimenting.

I do ask that you guys stick with me here. I'm really trying to find out where I want this blog to go - I don't want to feel like 'just another book blog.' If I'm going to keep blogging, it needs to be a unique space.
My two main goals are for myself to enjoy blogging, and for my readers to enjoy my posts. It's all I really want from Kittens and Books, and I don't think we're quite there yet.


  1. The best part of having a blog is the fun you have while posting and expressing yourself. Don't worry too much about your amount of posts or what people might think of them. You want followers, but you want to have fun most of all. Your blog looks great and I'll be around to read whatever you might post. :D

    1. Thank you so much! That's definitely something I'm working on. I really want to enjoy everything I post; that's always been the goal :)