Friday, February 27, 2015

In February...

Hello! Since I started doing monthly TBR and goal posts, I thought I should have a feature at the end of the month to share with you guys how things went! I'm basically going to talk a little bit about the month -- things I've done, whether I accomplished my goals, and I'm also going to include a book haul for the month at the end. In the future I might break this up into a couple different posts, or change the format, but for now I'm going to try it out this way!

I read 4 books in February.
I did not complete my TBR, but I did read two books that weren't on my list. Overall, I think it was an okay reading month! 

I did make progress in A World Without Princes, which is the only book on my TBR that I didn't finish, but then I put it on hold again. While it's not a bad book, I've been picky about my reading lately (still in a slump!) and I decided to come back to it when I'm more in the mood.

I did not complete my goals for the month.

My first goal was to get some different follow buttons for the side bar which I did do -- I actually managed to change the entire layout, which was way more than I planned for the month.

My second goal was to have at least three writing related posts, which also did not happen at all. In fact, I had a total of zero writing posts this month, mostly due to the awful writing/reading/blogging slump I've been in. I'll do better next month!

I purchased 3 books this month, and received none for review.

I did not do bad at all when it comes to getting new books! I also read two out of my three purchased books this month. Aside from I Was Here and Sweethearts (Goodreads links above), I also bought To All The Boys I Loved Before by Jenny Han, which I have not begun reading yet.

I also managed an entire month without requesting any review copies, and right now I only have three old ones left to read.


  1. You've got a lovely blog!
    I've managed to read two books this month and I hope to finish the third one before the month ends... One Hundred Years of Solitude is taking me a bit longer than I expected :S

    I would also like to use this comment to let you know that I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! If you fancy taking part of it, visit the following link: I've been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award :)

    - Salha x.
    A Lazy Bookworm

    1. Thank you so much! Two books is great, especially if you're taking longer on the third. Sometimes we don't expect them to feel so heavy or long once we start reading!

      Thanks for the nomination :D I don't usually do those posts but always feel special when someone nominates me anyway, haha!

  2. One baby step at at time. You will get there. At least you managed to not request any books. I am really really working on that problem I have. Good luck next month.

    1. I think I would have done worse if I saw more I wanted, since I looked often enough ... I'm just lucky in that nothing caught my eye this month, lol! Good luck at keeping your own pile down -- it's hard sometimes!