Monday, June 8, 2015

#TBRTakedown Readathon Wrap-Up

For anyone who didn't know, last week there was a readathon called TBR Takedown. It lasted the full first week of June, from the 1st to the 7th. This was only my second readathon I ever participated in, and the first one that I really planned in advance. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how me and readathons get along. I love them, but it seems that the moment I think I have that week free to read, life throws a million other things at me!

This was a chaotic week, to say the least, but I did actually get some reading done - way more than I expected, especially considering I skipped three whole days worth of reading. Below is a quick sum that I put together for each day!

NOTE: I read some audiobooks during the readathon, so to calculate page numbers I used the percentage read + the Goodreads page count.

MONDAY, June 1

I thought about staying up until midnight, both to get started immediately and so that I could finish my current audiobook before the readathon began. However, I couldn't make it past ten o'clock!

However, Monday morning I did get started with The Nature of Jade. I read about 80 pages, then had to leave the house for awhile, and didn't get back to reading until later in the afternoon. I managed to get about 100 more pages read, then decided to switch over to my audiobook, The Winner's Curse.

  • TOTAL PAGES: 243
  • BOOKS READ: The Nature of Jade (started), The Winner's Curse (finished)

I did not read at all on Tuesday! It was such a busy day that I just didn't have any time to read until night - and then I was too tired.


On Wednesday I got off to a bad start, because I decided to read some fan fiction instead of the published books on my TBR. Later that night, though, I did start Vanishing Girls and got about 15% through.
  • TOTAL PAGES: 243 + 53 = 296
  • BOOKS READ: The Nature of Jade (started), Vanishing Girls (started), The Winner's Curse (finished)

Again, a non-reading day! I kind of slacked off when it came to this readathon, mostly because life got so busy. (Everything seems to happen when I think I'll actually have some reading time!)

FRIDAY, June 5

On Friday I did a TON of reading. I'm most definitely a stress-reader, and after a crazy week, I read for most of the night. Two of my cats also ran away on Friday, which led to more stress, a sleepless night, and a whole lot of reading. I managed to finish The Nature of Jade, after reading the last 157 pages. I then started The Distance Between Us by Kasie West and read about 50 pages of that before falling asleep.
  • TOTAL PAGES: 296 + 206 = 502
  • BOOKS READ: Vanishing Girls (started), The Distance Between Us (started), The Nature of Jade (finished), The Winner's Curse (finished)

This was another stress-reading day. I woke early in the morning (the cat was scratching at the door, but wouldn't come inside when I opened it!) and then read between searching/waiting for cats. I finished The Distance Between Us and immediately picked up If You're Lucky, which is a review copy I wanted to get to later this month. 
  • TOTAL PAGES: 502 + 360 = 862
  • BOOKS READ: Vanishing Girls (started), If You're Lucky (started), The Distance Between Us (finished), The Nature of Jade (finished), The Winner's Curse (finished)
SUNDAY, June 7

Today was the last day of the readathon, and I was just too tired all day to read anything! I've skipped a lot of days this week (about half of them!), but I'm pretty happy with the reading I did get done. Hopefully I can be more dedicated to the next readathon I try, but we'll see!


  • Books finished: 3
  • Page count: 862
What did you guys read this week? Did you participate in the readathon?

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