Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Reads

I have a ton of reading to get done this weekend. I'll probably be working on these books going into the beginning of next week, but here's a quick peak at what I'm reading:

I'm starting off the weekend with a book I am in the middle of - Loop by Karen Akins. This is a review book that just came out on October 21st. So far I'm enjoying it, but haven't put enough side to read it. If all goes well, my review will be up next Thursday.

Right after I finish Loop, I'm jumping straight into another review copy: Every Ugly Word by Aimee L. Salter. This one is also already out, having released on July 29th. (I'm really not that far behind on review copies, though, because this isn't an ARC - I recieved it only a few weeks ago.)

This review will be up soon as I finish the book - hopefully the Monday after Loop's review goes up, but no promises.

That's my little reading list for the weekend, and I would love to hear what you guys are reading. Is anyone else really behind on their TBR/review copies, or is it just me? 

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