Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Blogger Resolutions and New Posts for 2015

Once again, the year has seemingly dragged on and flew by at the same time - do you guys feel like that every new year? It seems like 2013 was a few months ago, but when I imagine where I was, and who I was, in 2013, that version of my life feels very far away.

Rambling aside, I do have some blog and reading resolutions that I plan to begin in January, as well as some new types of posts I plan to try out in 2015.

Blogging Resolutions:
  • More Discussion Posts - Recently I began posting writing stuff on the blog as well. I want to continue this, and I also want to post more discussions - about writing, but also reading. Many times, things come to my mind and I don't write them down. I stick to my regularly scheduled posts, but I'm going to try expanding this year, and including more random discussions.
  • Less Reviews - This month, I'm going to limit my reviews to one a week. Sometimes there might not be a review, if I don't read enough to keep up, but there will rarely be more. Twice a week was too much for me to keep up with in 2014.
  • Keep Up With Daily Posts - I did this well for awhile this year, but slacked for a couple of months. I want to get ahead and get on a schedule for creating posts, so this does not happen again.
  • Comments - I get so awful at replying to comments, even though it only takes a couple of minutes. Similarly, I am always behind on my Bloglovin' feed and commenting on other blogs. This year, I want to be much better at that.
Reading Resolutions:
  • Goodreads Challenge - I'm always very unsure about my Goodreads challenge. This year, I think I'm going to start it off at 75 books. I usually get through 50 books fairly early, but it's difficult for me to reach 100, and I don't want to make things too stressful. If I do hit 75 early, I might still raise it!
  • Branching Out - As usual, I'm planning to branch out when it comes to genres, age groups, etc. I also want to read more lesser-known books, and more classics.
  • Finishing Series - I started so many series in 2014, so I'm really going to attempt to finish these in 2015. My goal is to finish most of them before I begin more, but we'll see about that. There are so many series I'm looking forward to!
  • Review Copies - This is a big one for me. My goal is to request only one or two review copies at a time, and to read them right away. If I can stick to that, I won't have to worry about getting behind or being overwhelmed by review books.
That's all I have! Happy New Year to everyone, and let me know what your resolutions are down in the comments!


  1. Good set of goals. Good luck on reaching your goal of 175 books!

    1. Thank you! And it's only 75 - I had to recheck my post in a bit of panic, haha! No way I could read over 100.