Friday, December 12, 2014

Holiday-Inspired Writing Prompts

1. Your character lives in an area where it never snows. Someone who cares about them - a family member, significant other, Santa? - wants to give them a white Christmas. How do they go about this? Magic? Fake snow? Traveling to a colder area?

2. Your character has a bad habit of getting back together with the same ex - one who shows up around the beginning of winter and always, without fail, breaks up with them on Christmas. Something changes this year. What is it? Do they refuse to get back together? Break up with them first? Stay together past Christmas? WHY was this person breaking up with them in the first place?

3. Your character catches Santa putting presents under their tree - but it's NOT Santa who does the delivering after all. Who is it? An elf? Reindeer? Some other creature that they never expected to see?

4. Your main character is an elf. There are twenty-four hours until Christmas. Do they have their work done, or are they rushing to finish? Are they chilling out while the others scurry around?

5. Your main character is an elf, but they HATE making toys. This year they put their foot down and refuse to work. What happens?

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