Monday, March 16, 2015

Book Review: Past Perfect by Leila Sales

Quick Facts
My Rating: 4 stars

Series: N/A

Date Read: March 12, 2015

Source: Purchased ebook

Publication Date: October 4, 2011

Publisher: Simon Pulse

Genres: Young adult, contemporary, romance

Chelsea has always worked at Essex Historical Colonial Village, with her parents. This summer, she looks forward to having a different job - perhaps one at the mall with her best friend. But when her friend decides to join Chelsea at her old summer job, rather than find a new one, she has to continue working there - and continue the summer tradition of War, which takes place between the teen workers of Essex and a those of a nearby competitor.

To make things worse, Chelsea's ex is also working at Essex for the summer. Her goal was to get over him, but how is that possible when she has to see him every day?

One thing I was surprised to learn in this book was that Chelsea was going into her senior year. Most of the other characters were around her age, although some were a year or two younger, and I couldn't quite believe they were so old. Even when I knew, I still pictured Chelsea as a freshman in high school. That age just seemed to suit her better.

Some of the others seemed more mature. Fiona, the best friend, and Dan, a love interest, seemed more believable to me. They acted their age more often than I felt the other characters did, especially Chelsea. The War aided this - it all felt trivial and immature to me, but I could see it happening. I think Chelsea's voice is what really made me doubt her age.

Despite this, Chelsea's voice is also what made the book so fun. The humor was great, and I laughed out loud more times than I could count. This book was so entertaining - I would recommend it to anyone looking for a light contemporary, for sure.

On top of this, the writing was fantastic. I have no idea why I didn't think to highlight quotes, but so many stood out to me. The themes in the book were excellent and I loved the historical aspect as well. I like the idea that we're always rewriting the past, even if it's only something that happened months ago in our own lives. Seeing Chelsea's perspective change was so great.

I do wish, thinking back, that a couple more things had been wrapped up. For example, I would have liked to find out more about Dan's life and get a better glimpse at his family and such. (I'm trying to avoid spoilers, but I'm thinking about something in particular that I don't think was answered.)

Overall, I think this is one that's a fun, light read, but I wouldn't try to over-think it too much. I almost didn't even write a review, due to the fact that it was more enjoyable when I didn't have to think critically about the story. It's probably not for everyone, but for me it was just the thing I was looking for.

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