Monday, March 30, 2015

Book Review: Twist by Karen Akins

Quick Facts
My Rating: 4 stars

Series: Book 2 of Loop

Date Read: February 19, 2015

Source: Free review copy from Netgalley

Publication Date: March 31, 2015

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Genres: Young adult, science fiction, romance

SPOILER WARNING for those who still have not read the first book: I do not spoil Twist in this review, however the first book, Loop, will be spoiled. 

My review of Loop can be found here.

(On a side note as well, I do NOT recommend reading the Goodreads synopsis of Twist before reading the book. It gives away about 80% of the plot, honestly. Now onto the actual review...)

My first thought upon finishing this book was wow. That one word was just about all I could process, even after the book had been closed for some time. I felt similar to this when Loop ended, so I probably should have known. But this book...

This book is even better than Loop. It is even more of an emotional roller coaster. 

We begin the story with a fairly happy Finn and Bree. Sure, she's now her "future self" and still has to visit past Finn in order for the events in the previous book to have happened. But she only has one more shift into the past, and then they can live without this tangled mess of past and future. They deserve that, don't they?

Nope. Because, in the middle of their movie date, Bree realizes there has been another change to the timeline. And she is no longer at the movies with Finn, but with Wyck. 

When she goes back to change things, her future self stops her -- and sets her up for another tangled mess. She has to figure out why she's been forced to date Wyck and, ultimately, how to stop these shifts in the timeline altogether. Once again, she is searching for The Truth.

As is typical for this series, those things all happened in the first few chapters. And the rest of the book is just as crazy. This book played with my emotions more than I've experienced in a long time. I hurt so, so much for Bree and this situation she was in. She is honestly the best, most relatable main character. 

Then you add Finn. And the crazy story-telling from book one. 

This is one of those books that leaves me near speechless -- and I also feel very afraid of spoiling it, because such a huge part of the story relies on experiencing the twists and turns for yourself. But I don't think anyone who enjoyed Loop could be disappointed by this one. It's wonderful. The perfect sequel.

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