Thursday, April 2, 2015

In March...

I only read one book from my TBR this month, but I read a lot of others! Like I said, I'm not disappoiSorry this post is coming late, but here I am to tell you guys how badly I did with my March goals! I don't feel bad about it, because I said in that post that I probably would not follow my TBR due to a reading slump. I've found my way out of that slump, finally, so overall I'm pretty happy with how this month went.

This month, I read 7 books.

I only read one book from my TBR this month, but I read a lot of others! Like I said, I'm not disappointed in this month's reading at all. Hopefully this continues and I don't hit another reading slump for a long, long time.

I did complete my goals for this month!

Granted, they were pretty simple goals. I wanted to write posts that felt more unique, rather than so many memes like Top Ten Tuesday, Waiting on Wednesday, etc. I also wanted to stop stressing when it comes to blogging - and I actually managed that pretty well!

Let me know how March was for you.

Did you accomplish any blogging goals? What is your favorite book that you read last month?


  1. The LAST TIME WE SAY GOODBYE! That book is so good :'-)
    My favorite book of last month was Lion Heart (Scarlet #3) by A. C. Gaughen! SO AMAZING, definitely recommend that series!

    Em @ The YA Book Butterfly

    1. It is a great book! I loved it.

      I'll have to check out that series - I don't think I've heard about it before. Thanks for the recommendation :D

  2. I barely read any books this March. (Actually I only finished just ONE BOOK because I was in an awful reading slump, so that was pretty sad.) Don't ever feel bad that you didn't lessen your TBR. I'm pretty sure every reader undergoes the same problem :)

    I've always wanted to read A Thousand Pieces of You! I'd love to know what's so good about it after seeing a lot of hype!

    Glad March was okay for you! I'm hoping April would be better :>

    Jillian @ Jillain's Books

    1. I'm sorry you didn't get as much reading in as you hoped for! Reading slumps are terrible, and I hope you get out of it soon.

      A Thousand Pieces of You was on my TBR for so long, so I'm really happy I finally got to it. And for me, it definitely lived up to the hype :)

  3. Looks like March was still a great month, even though you didn't read from your TBR. You read some great books!

    1. Definitely true! Like I said, I'm not at all disappointed about the TBR. March was a great reading month for me :)