Thursday, May 28, 2015

In May...

May has been a fantastic month. I have read a ton, kept up with the blog, and gotten back into writing! The last one, especially, is so exciting. I've been in a writer's block lately that mostly consisted of laziness and me not wanting to edit, but I pushed through and am in love with the draft I'm working on now.

I read a total of 9 books in May.
I also began reading graphic novels, which I decided to list separately:
I don't tend to review anything that isn't strictly a "novel" just because it's difficult for me and, especially in this case, I haven't read enough similar work to give a useful review. But I did enjoy these as some lighter things to pick up between reads, and I do plan to branch out into more very soon. (If you have recommendations, leave them in the comments!)

I completely forgot I even had monthly goals.

I'm not upset that this happened. My month was awesome, and I was productive - just not in all the ways I planned. Which is fine, because I did not plan to spend so much of my time editing my fantasy novel - but I'm so glad I was able to get back into it! (You might hear me talk about this a lot. I'm proud!)

So, looking back at the post, I planned to stay caught up on reading blog posts and replying to my own comments. This sort of happened. I got backed up on comments this month for my post on why I don't comment back, which received some really great comments. (Thank you!) I loved the discussion, but some of my responses took me longer to come up with than I would have liked. (Meaning, mostly, that I let them sit in my email too long before going to the blog to reply.)

I also wanted to be more consistent when sharing reviews, and I have done that! I'm getting ready to go through each book on Goodreads to make sure every book I've reviewed on the blog is also posted there. Aside from that, I've caught up with all current reviews.

Last, I wanted to continue my writer's block post series. Clearly, that has not happened. I'm just going to accept that those posts take a ton of time for me to write, and they'll be coming slowly. Right now, I would rather write then talk about writer's block. That's not to say they won't continue - they will, it will just take more time than I originally thought.

I want to hear about your month!

Did anything great happen? What is your absolute favorite book you read this month? If you're a writer, what are you working on? 

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