Friday, May 29, 2015

June TBR

My TBR for this month is going to be quite a bit larger for this month than it has been in any other post - usually I pick only 4-5 books that I know I can probably get to, but I'm going to be more ambitious this month!

Part of the reason is that I'm participating in a readathon. I don't do these often, but the challenges for this one sounded fun and I feel like it'll be nice to start off the month with a bunch of reading! If you're interested in which readathon I'm taking part in, it is the TBR Takedown Readathon, which is hosted by Shannon from leaninglights on Youtube. (The link leads to the readathon announcement video!)

This is also why my TBR is up a bit earlier than usual - I wanted to post it before the actual readathon began!

The Nature of Jade is the book that's been on my shelf for over a year, to fit with one of the readathon challenges. I have wanted to read this book for so long, but always put it off - not because I don't want to read it, but another book always seems to get in the way, and then I forget! I might make this my first read during the month, just so that I don't end up putting it off again.

A sequel that's sitting on my shelf is The Winner's Crime, which is perfect because I'm listening to the audio version of book one now, and I already planned to jump straight into book two. I'm really excited to catch up on this series, although I hope there isn't too much of a cliffhanger at the end of this book - it'll be awhile before book three is released.

Since one of the challenges is to read a first book in a series and there is a TON of hype regarding this one right now, I'm going to listen to the audiobook of An Ember in the Ashes this month. I don't know a lot about the plot, but I do have high hopes just because of all the hype. However, since I haven't started the audiobook, I might put it down if I think I would prefer the text version of the book. (I've had pretty bad luck lately when it comes to not liking a narrator's voice in audiobooks!) If that happens, I will start a different series instead - I definitely have enough of them to choose from.

It was difficult to pick a book that's out of my comfort zone - it took me awhile to find a book I wanted to read that fits the requirement - but I think Vanishing Girls works well here. While it's young adult, so the genre isn't a problem, I do tend to either love or hate Lauren Oliver's books. I've been putting this one of for a long time because of that, but I think this challenge is a perfect chance to pick this up.

My last book for the readathon is going to be Cinder. This is one of the books I bought in May, so it fits the last challenge. This also makes for a LOT of reading in one week, many of them audiobooks, so we'll see if I can do it! If not, I'll probably keep reading from this list throughout the month.

But when I do finish these, my next planned read for the month is If You're Lucky. This is a review book that does not come out until the end of November, but I've been dying to read it, and now's the perfect time - I don't have any review books that must be read this month, so it's a good time to catch up on later releases!

Lastly, I would like to get to A History of Glitter and Blood, another review book that will be released late July. If I find time for this during the month, I will have no unread review books, which would be so awesome! (Then I can go on a requesting spree without feeling bad, haha!) This one is a fantasy and it looks awesome, just like all the others I'm reading this month - hopefully, these all meet my expectations and June ends up being my lucky month for reading great books.


  1. Cinder and The Nature of Jade are two of my favorite books! I can't wait to see what you think of them :) Good luck with your TBR this month! ♥

    1. Thanks so much! I hope I love them as well :)

  2. The Nature of Jade is a really great book- I've enjoyed several of Deb Caletti's books, so if you like it I would recommend reading her other novels, too. I've heard that Vanishing Girls has a surprising twist at the end, so I'm looking forward to reading it as well. Happy reading, and best of luck with your readathon!

    1. I definitely plan on reading some of her other books, but this will be my first by Deb Caletti. I read the sample before buying the ebook though and loved it! Can't wait to read the entire thing.

      I've heard a little about a twist, but don't know much about Vanishing Girls at all! Hopefully it's good. And thank you!

  3. Good luck with your readathon! You have some great books on your TBR. I LOVE Cinder so much. That series is amazing. I have also read Vanishing Girls. That one moved a bit slow for me, but there was a twist at the end that was amazing. I did not see it coming. Happy reading!

    1. Ohh, so maybe Vanishing Girls isn't a great readathon book? I'll keep that in mind if I find it slow - maybe I might pick something else for the challenge if that happens :D