Friday, September 19, 2014

Free Ebooks I've Read and Loved

I don't think there's anyone who can be new to ebooks and NOT be excited for all the freebies. During my first iBooks experience on my old (now dead) iPod, I remember finding the free section and going crazy. I downloaded books I would read, books I might read, books I never saw myself reading - but they were free!

Later on, when I discovered the Kindle section of Amazon, it happened all over. I was back daily to check up on the free books, and to see if any new ones had been added to the list. When I found out that some books were a special offer and only available for a few days, I'll admit that I checked more than daily - how could I miss out on a free book deal?

Anyway, I think this initial excitement also teaches us to pick and choose. Some of those ebooks are free for a reason - you'd feel bitter if you actually paid for them. Sometimes, maybe unfairly, I feel bitter just because I took the time to download them.

Here are a few (non-classic) free ebooks that I enjoyed.

The One You Love by Paul Pilkington

I read this one quite awhile ago, but I remember really enjoying the twists. It is a crime novel, which is different from my normal reads. The dialogue was frustrating because it didn't flow very well, but other than that this one was an enjoyable read. 

Kindle  |  iBooks


Red at Night by Katie McGarry

This is a young adult romance. It's a short story, but still amazing. I would especially recommend it if you enjoy or have yet to try her books, because I love Katie McGarry's writing.

 Kindle  |  iBooks


Saving Wishes by G.J. Walker-Smith

Normally, I probably wouldn't have downloaded this book. I had nothing to read, I was panicking because my cat ran away, and I happened to see this on iTunes. It was late, past the hours of bugging every neighbor I saw, so I curled up and read this by an open door as I waited for him to come home.
It was probably about one or two in the morning when we managed to get him in the house. I had purchased the second book in the series by then.

Kindle  |  iBooks


I hope this has helped you guys a little bit in your searching. If I find time to read some more freebies, between my endless TBR of purchased books and review copies, I'll be sure to create a part two of this post.


  1. I think I am going to check out Red at Night! I love New Adult books and am always on the hunt for more!

    1. It's actually YA but I definitely recommend it anyway :D