Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Update & Discussion: Blogging and Reading Slumps

For a long time I was reading and blogging like crazy, especially during my first months as a blogger. Everything was going so easily that I didn't consider what would happen if it stopped - if I no longer had inspiration to write blog posts.

I did consider reading slumps - it's why you're still seeing reviews. I have review posts scheduled until almost the end of September, which gives me quite a bit of time if I fall into slower reading periods.

The problem is, my recent reading and blogging slumps came around the same time. It's why I haven't been so active here, although I tried to keep it up for a bit. I needed a break, and I didn't have regular pots scheduled. I took my break anyway.

It was nice, I'll admit, but I'm ready to get back to blogging regularly now. I don't know if I'll be as active as I was in the beginning, but I will be posting daily and answering all comments still.

I had many great plans for this blog, and I haven't forgotten them. I just wanted to let anyone who was wondering know what was going on, and that I won't be quitting on you anytime soon.

Thank you so much if you've taken the time to read this all. And if you're a blogger as well, how do you stay active and out of slumps? Any tips?


  1. I was really active in the beginning of my blog, but then I felt like I was being annoying, so I'm cutting back on some of the memes that I do. I'll skip a week here and there. I did start my own meme to have some fun of my own, but it's not doing too well, so I don't know if I'll keep going or stop.

    I do have some ARC reviews scheduled to post this month and next month, and I'm reading some books for reviews right now, so I'm focusing on that. It's hard sometimes. Like I really wanted to write a review for Lola and the Boy Next Door, but I decided against it (for now at least).

    I think that as long as you post what interests you, your readers will be able to see that and stick around.

    1. I recently cut my meme posts down to just Top Ten Tuesdays. After awhile it feels like posting the same thing every week, not to mention the same thing as everyone else!

      I think you should keep going with your meme if you personally enjoy posting it. Who cares how many others join in?

      I agree; it's all about what's fun and what you're passionate about. Readers can tell if your heart is in it which is why I'm really trying to change things until I can say that mine is, one-hundred percent.

  2. It hasn't been all that long since I started blogging. But during my first month or so, I only barely stopped myself from posting several times a day! Then school started, and now, I struggle to post even the simplest of posts in two to three day's time.

    Reading/blogging slumps come and go. I think most of blogging is about enjoying and when you're forcing yourself to do it, it's not as fun. There are some cases when you do have to force yourself, but it's always great to take a break. Most readers understand that, and will stick around. Otherwise, changes (a new sort of post, a new feature, even a new blog design) can be motivating - at least for me.

    Good luck!

    1. I did the same as a new blogger. I tend to get overly excited to start projects, but then I start losing interest.

      You're right about enjoying it. I definitely want to be in that place as a blogger where I can have fun with my posts and at the same time feel unique like I'm not overusing the same things over and over :)